Posted by: busman74 | June 25, 2009

TKT Sample Practice Test MODULE 1 (given in 2004)

I found a sample test (based 2004 exam) of MODULE 1.

It’s a pity that there is no answer sheet, but it will help your preparation.

Enjoy it!

Download and practice!     tkt_m1_sample_2004.pdf


dannys tipo for TKT



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    In this website you can find not only the questions but also the answers!
    I hope it helps.

  5. Can someone tell me where I can find the answer sheet and key to this test? Please!

  6. 42 d
    46 a

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  8. TKT exam 2004
    1 B
    2 F
    3 C
    4 A
    5 E
    6 E
    7 D
    8 A
    9 F
    10 B
    11 A
    12 A
    13 B
    14 B
    15 B
    16 C
    17 F
    18 A
    19 C
    20 E
    21 D
    22 I
    23 A
    24 G
    25 H
    26 C
    27 D
    28 F
    29 B
    30 D
    31 E
    32 B
    33 F
    34 C
    35 G
    36 C
    37 A
    38 B
    39 C
    40 B
    41 B
    42 A
    43 C
    44 D
    45 C
    46 D
    47 D
    48 C
    49 A
    50 H
    51 E
    52 G
    53 F
    54 C
    55 D
    56 G
    57 B
    58 A
    59 F
    60 A
    61 B
    62 C
    63 A
    64 B
    65 B
    66 C
    67 A
    68 B
    69 C
    70 A
    71 A
    72 C
    73 B
    74 H
    75 E
    76 C
    77 F
    78 A
    79 D
    80 B

    • how can i apply for tkt test on line please

    • are these your answers or the answer key?

  9. Did anyone receive the answers for this practice test? i’ve also done it, but i have no idea how many right/wrong. i’d like to know what i still have to focus on. thanks

  10. Would you be so kind as to e-mail me the answers on the TKT Sample Practice Test Module 1 (given on 2004) please? This way I will know where I made a mistake. Thank you

  11. can you send me please please the tkt answer key of sample test module 1, 2 and 3.?

  12. could u send me the answers to check mine please?!

    • the answers are in the cambridge TKT exam and resources.check it out there.

  13. Would you be so kind as to e-mail me the answers on the TKT Sample Practice Test Module 1 (given on 2004) please? This way I will know where I made a mistake. Thank you

  14. please provide the answer sheet

  15. could you send me the correct answers, please?

  16. how a i going to see my mistakes if i don´t have the correct answers to check with?
    could you provide them to me, pleasE?

  17. no puedo descargar el modulo uno de tkt
    porque me pide una clave
    me pueden decir que puedo hacer

  18. wonder if i can receive the answers to module 1 for the 2004 tkt test.

  19. if it is possible, provide the answers. 2004 test
    Thank you!!!!!

  20. Thanks for your answer and I also consider it is very confused, I was reviewing some samples that are very difficult, but thanks to encorauge me. Bless you.


    • What I can tell you is that the real test was a lot more confusing than practice tests on the book. But don’t be afraid. As long as you know what the terms exactly mean, you’ve got 40% done! I guess that;s the most important. BE VERY VERY FAMILIAR WITH THE WORDS AND THEIR MEANINGS. (vocab on the official TKT site)
      Good luck.

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